Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Review: Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer (SSE)


I hope everyone is well and is enjoying their holidays! Today I have a review of the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer for you! I have three shades SX06, SX08 and SX11. It retails for £38.00 and can be found in Space NK and also Sephora. It comes in a little tub with 18g worth of product.

SX06, SX08 and SX11
I think that the product needs to come in a tub, because in all honesty since the product is quite thick if it came in a foundation pump type packaging it will more than likely clog up the pump so I have no qualms about the packaging at all. It's small if you ever needed to take it with you anywhere you just pop it into your makeup bag and go! Also as it is thick in texture it's not going to leak everywhere either!

It is thick. It is a full coverage foundation/concealer in one,  kind of like Estee Lauder Double Wear. When you pour Estee Lauder on the back of your hand it is quite fluid and runs. The Skin Enhancer is not like that, it is thick and it doesn't run I don't know quite how else to describe it apart from the fact that it's not fluid but it reminds me of a thick paste of some sort. (Clearly, I am very good at describing)! Since you only need a tiny bit, this small tub is gonna last you a hell of a long time!

I love LOVE LOVE this product! It is full coverage and you only need a tiny bit for a full coverage finish. When I say a tiny bit I literally do mean a tiny bit so when you open it you literally just touch/pat it with your finger and then dot all over your face and that is enough for a full face. The best thing about this product is that you can sheer it out too! Just grab your moisturiser and put some on the back of your hand and add a little of the skin enhancer to it, then if you want more coverage you can add a bit at a time and mix together and apply and get the coverage that you want. This method would also be ideal for those of you with dry skin since this product used it on its own will cling to the dry areas of your face and emphasise them. Those of us who have oily skin can get away with using this on it's own if we wanted full coverage, if you wanted sheer coverage either add a moisturiser or BB cream and away you go!

I use the shade SX08 for the whole of my face, I use SX06 for under eye highlighting! I wouldn't use it on its own for under eye highlighting because it is too thick and the under eye area is too delicate and fragile, so I use my Vichy Aqualia Thermal moisturiser and mix a teensy amount of that with a tiny amount of the SSE and use that as my under eye highlight and because I have oily/ combination skin and mixing a moisturiser means that my foundation will slip I make sure to powder on top. I use SX11 if I've been out in the sun (Because that happens in the good old UK!) SX08 is pretty much my perfect shade. For me this foundation doesn't oxidise, most foundations do on me so I have to go a shade lighter and then throughout the day it will tend to be my perfect shade!

Although a little will go a long way, it is expensive so I would advise you to get a sample of your shade if possible because it is a lot of money to put down for a product! or if you can't do that, do tonnes and tonnes of research and I literally mean search websites, blogs etc. and figure out what undertone you are, whether you're fair, medium or dark etc. etc. don't just buy it online without having seen it especially if you are new to makeup! I have been into makeup for awhile now and can pretty much guess my shades however I DON'T advise you to do that!

Basically I'm in love with this foundation it does everything I need it to do, it's full coverage, my perfect shade, lasts all day and a little goes a very very long way! What more do you need?

Have you tried this foundation? Let me know what your thoughts are down below!

Have a great day!

Lots of Love

Rifa xx

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone!

I thought I would just do a small blog post on here and wish everyone a Happy New Year! I know!!! six days late, but better late than never! As some of you know I work in retail so we don't actually get holidays off during Christmas and New Year really.  I worked Boxing Day (Almost a 10 Hour shift!) and then when I did get a couple of days off I ended up ill! I went back to work yesterday but I had no voice, it's back a little bit today but croaky so hopefully by tomorrow it will be back for good.

I also got a promotion at work about four days before Christmas so that was quite nice. It does mean that I am doing more hours at work which I don't mind. Most people (the majority) were happy for me and some people had issues for whatever reason but that's life they'll have to get over it! I'm not going to say no to a promotion because it bothers some people.

Uuum, What else? I'm trying to do more blog posts but obviously with the Christmas period it has been hectic and I haven't had as much time to dedicate to the blog and doing posts as I would have liked but hopefully with the New Year it will have calmed down at work so I can concentrate a bit more on the blog. I do have some draft posts up so those should be up soon. I didn't want to put out blog posts about items without having tested the products out and worn them because that would be stupid ,and it would be a bit pointless doing a product review on a product I've not used. So some blog posts coming your way soon!

Like I mentioned I have been ill so putting on makeup has not been a priority lately plus the fact that my skin has been breaking out like nobodies business means that I've not worn as much makeup as I would have liked to. If anyone has any recommendations for skincare like exfoliators, toners and cleanser preferably with salicylic acid in it (because benzyl peroxide does nada for my skin) then let me know in the comments below!

Yeah?!? I was just going to make this post short, but it looks like I gave you my whole life story instead oops never mind! Aaaanyway HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! everyone!

I hope you all have a great day!

Lots of Love

Rifa xx